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Freaky, Austrian Style….

June 28, 2008, @ 1:53 pm Leave a comment Go to comments

Did you hear about this Austrian guy, Josef Fritzel Fritzl ?…. What a freaky dude this guy is…. he held his own daughter captive for 24 years in a cellar,…locked behind a soundproof door with keyless entry.  From the time she was 18 this poor woman was forced to have 7 kids with her own father…..

I read this in the paper and I remember thinking, “You know my Mom made me live in a basement too.”… So I immediately picked up the phone and called her to thank her for giving me a WORKING DOOR……… and also the complete LACK of sexual abuse…. The story had broken close to Mother’s Day so I had to call her anyway… we talked for 45 minutes…

The other thing this story made me think of… when I saw the pictures of this incredibly packed, small living space that 8 people were forced to live in at various times.. was that this guy was a REALLY talented carpenter!!!…. No really, he had a functioning kitchen, shower, toilet and bedroom down there….what a master of spatial relationships this guy is…. If only he had put it to some good use on something like closet organization or fung shue for cubicles perhaps…. instead of torturing his own progeny right?!?!

But then again he is Austrian…. These were pretty much the same people who rolled over for the Nazi’s like a drunken college girl confronted by the “Girls Gone Wild” crew!!!…. Here sign this release…..

(You know it’s really hard to work in the Nazi Party and Girl’s Gone Wild into the same joke so I hope you like that one.)

  1. June 28, 2008, @ 4:28 pm at 4:28 pm

    This is a horrible story. I cannot imagine what life was like for that poor woman and her children. Fritzel should be hung, in a public square, by his balls with a sign saying “hurt me bad”.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, drop in anytime.

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