Down Syndrome

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My older son has Down Syndrome…..(usually you get a few aww’s or some kind of noise out of the crowd here)….Yeah I get those kinds of reactions alot…It’s really not as bad as all that….Except for having to listen to ‘White & Nerdy‘ by Weird Al WAY too much….He’s played it on my iPod so much it’s in my Top 25 playlist, it’s kind of tough to look cool cruising through the park with the window’s down when Weird Al comes blasting out due to the random play…..

He’s just like any other 12 year old kid though……except most of the time he’s polite and loving!!!

My wife and I were still in our 20’s when he was born so we ‘beat the odds’ when we had him,..most kids with Down’s are born to parents over 35,……Yeah I had to beat the fucking odds on Down Syndrome but I can’t pick a horse to save my ass!?!?!…..Why not Black Jack lord?!?!?…. Perhaps the good roll on occasion at the Crap’s table?!?!

He has taught me patience though…..If you know a kid with Down’s you know that’s not really a choice, YOU WILL LEARN PATIENCE,…. or go insane, there’s really no other choices that are available here……. I’ll give you an example…. let me just start by saying I love Ben Stiller, Zoolander is genius….. but I’d also like to stab him in the skull with a dull fork….. let me explain…. I just want to stab him in the head once for every hour I’ve had to stand outside, in front of a museum, convincing my child that all the stuffed monkey’s and statues are not going to come to life and attack him like in ‘Night at the Museum’….. the boy saw this movie twice and it’s apparently become a traumatic life altering event…..   ‘Gum Gum, Dum Dum’, he repeats that all the time too when he want’s to annoy you, cause he know’s you can’t do anything about it….(like I said he’s 12, he’s got Down’s, but he’s not stupid!!)…so he’ll just pick something to repeat to drive you nuts!!!…. now while ‘Gum Gum, Dum Dum’ sounds funny now……Try it after 2 HOURS when your driving cross country sometime….. then we’ll talk…. There’s no good way to punish a disabled child in public and come off looking like a good parent, let me just tell you….

  1. July 9, 2008, @ 4:36 pm at 4:36 pm

    I noticed someone was searching “figuring out down syndrome odds” and ended up here. Since I know the answer being the father of one I thought I’d tell you in the event someone end up here again under the same circumstance in the future.

    The odds of having a child with down syndrome are 1 in every 1000 800 births (the RN BSN/Wife has corrected me apparently the information has changed). Per all the medical information my wife and I have ever seen.

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