Guns, Guns, Guns…

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I probably don’t have the most popular opinion on this topic, at least for this region, regarding guns or should I say gun ownership….  But then I come from a different background in regards to owning guns so if you’ll hear me out…. The problem isn’t legal gun owners of course it’s the people who are acquiring these tools illegally….  And that’s what they are they’re TOOLS when used properly they’re not dangerous….  No gun LAW is going to stop someone who is already getting a gun ILLEGALLY….  They already got it, they’re not going to go oh, it’s REALLY ILLEGAL NOW, I’m running right to the next ‘Kicks for Guns‘ promo and getting some NEW SHOES!!!…..  Unless they REALLY need some new shoes…  Like someone who’s toes are showing through, you know?

But then I was raised with guns, I got my first shotgun when I was 12!!….  I’ll be 40 this year….  And I never KILLED ANYONE,…. YET!…. But I also had to go to safety courses and all other kinds of stuff BEFORE I got that gun….  It’s about education and attitudes….  I don’t let my kids play with toy guns….  my 8 year old does target practice with a pellet gun,….  I know ‘You’ll put your eye out!’,….  but every time he touches it we go over safety….  I suppose I should also mention that I was a unit armorer in the Army, so let’s also note that I have PROBABLY had a LITTLE more exposure and a LOT more chances and opportunities to actually KILL an annoying supervisor than the average citizen….  And yet I resisted the urge…  WHY?…..   Ohhh I don’t know it’s perhaps this little thing I have about valuing human life and respecting the individual!!!!!….. Yeah all that and I don’t even believe in GOD….  Wow…  Amazing.  Which is KIND of ANNOYING sometimes cause I’m a GOOD SHOT too….  I was rated an Expert, great skill to have but it doesn’t really help with a job interview….  ‘Tell me about some special skill you have displayed in the past.’…..   Well I can cause a persons skull to EXPLODE with a rifle from 1000 meters!!!  When do I start?!?!?!

But honestly it’s the parents that haven’t taught these kids or young people, or as I call them MORONS cause age doesn’t matter to STUPID,….  to value life that’s causing all this gun violence….  I grew up all over this country, mostly in the mid-west and the south.  In places where the citizenry were  WAY more heavily armed than the local constabulary many times and yet none of us ever ACCIDENTALLY shot someone 7 to 10 times while we were driving down the street with our friends,… We were cleaning our guns,….  OOPS!!!  Why you may ask?…..  Cause the minute someone heard a nutcase was firing off rounds downtown everyone else would have been there to KILL YOUR DUMB ASS IN 30 SECOND FLAT!!!…  No shit, you’d have been dead BEFORE you had TIME to piss your pants, they shoot straight and fast out there!!!!

All I’m saying is let’s all just learn to practice a little restraint, right???….  Perhaps if we passed some type of LAWS to make ANGER MANAGEMENT mandatory to all the peoples of this great land there’d be a few more of us left ABOVE the surface of terra firma than BELOW it…. instead of arguing about Gun Laws….  Or at least there would be a few more to argue about it!

Maybe it’s because of all this extra knowledge I have of weapons that some films are starting to make me feel ancient…. (Segue into: Some films are starting to make me feel ancient)

  1. Joe Pickell
    July 13, 2008, @ 2:13 pm at 2:13 pm

    Ah guns… and employers.I can see where you might have a problem discussing your marksmanship with some manager twit. My problem is I have no gun skills, or guns as a matter of fact, and I can’t get a job either.One possible reason for this is the fact that when a potential employer asks me why I want to work for them, I tell them ,” I need a job.” This honesty tends to go unappreciated.I miss the good old days where it was understood that when you’re looking for work it’s because you need some fucking money.You’re not there to deliver a detailed business report on how wonderfully they did in the 3rd quarter-you need a damn job!

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