John McCain….Reach for the Stars America!

July 15, 2008, @ 3:05 pm Leave a comment Go to comments

John McCain graduated FIFTH from the bottom of his class at Annapolis!….  I mean really, that sounds to me like he did WORSE in school than BUSH?!?!?!….  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been TOO impressed with the last underachiever America hired for that gig,…..  I’m not so sure I want to continue on that PATH….

Let me put this into perspective,…. In graduating FIFTH from the bottom, this means that he was BARELY able to figure out how to BOMB someone accurately….  Let me say that again, HE HAD TROUBLE BLOWING SHIT UP CORRECTLY!!!….   And obviously with his flight record that FIFTH from the bottom shows….  What IT’S MY FAULT HE WAS SHOT DOWN NOW?!?!?!….  I wasn’t even BORN when he got shot down so I accept no responsibility for Mr. McCain’s ability, or lack there of ACTUALLY, to pilot an aircraft.  I mean at least Bush has the excuse of having had drugs destroy his brain and grade point average….  McCain went to school in the 50’s….  They didn’t have anything but sock hops and booze back then right?!?!?

All I’m saying is, if you really want Mr. McCain to DITCH AMERICA the same way he DITCHED that A-4 Skyhawk over the Nam back in 67, GO AHEAD, ELECT HIM, you’ll see!!!  Mark my words as my Mom used to say…

  1. accidentalsexiness
    July 15, 2008, @ 5:00 pm at 5:00 pm

    yeah i am digging your blog….btw not voting McCain!

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