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Lawyers are annoying AND scary stupid.

July 15, 2008, @ 4:18 pm Leave a comment Go to comments

I really, really, really dislike most lawyers…. They’re like a little cabal, a secret society, they’re the Mason’s of the UNORIGINAL…. Really, most of them are just leaches on society…. They come in and SUCK THE MONEY out of ANY GIVEN SITUATION….  As soon as someone calls the lawyer you may as well get ready to apply the tourniquet to your wallet, cause they’ll be sucking ALL the money out of your pocket in short order….  They’re like the Fagin’s of the real world….  There is no situation they are not willing to exploit!!!….  Sorry, did the Oliver Twist reference throw you?

Plus who the hell else in this world likes to use LATIN?!?!?….  Except for Priests!!!…..  ‘Pro bono’ they hardly EVER use that one….  The LAWYERS I mean NOT the Priests,… THEY seem to use that one quite a bit more than is APPROPRIATE apparently….  I’m just repeating what I read in the papers up here folks…

And EVERY lawyer I’ve ever know personally smokes dope….  Yet these are the same ilk,  that when they decide they’ve suckled off the teat of private industry long enough and want to belly up to the publicly funded trough, these same ASSHOLES vote for every drug law that rolls across their desk….  They get all self righteous on the rest of us while they pay for hookers out of their staffers checking accounts….  Where’s the IRS when it comes to auditing little ‘Billy Bob’ from Senator Graham’s office and why all of a sudden he’s been spending $50,000 per month on internet porn and dating services?!?!?!….

No 22 year old kid can spend that much on hookers folks!!!….  It took Charlie Sheen years and years to work up to that level….  And now you think it’s reasonable for some kid fresh from Dog Patch to be performing at this same standard?!?!?!   I THINK NOT!

I’m sorry I guess I just ask too many questions sometimes….  My head just works that way….  Maybe that’s why I’m up here babbling this stuff in front of you and not a lawyer.

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