What if Jesus was an atheist?

July 15, 2008, @ 10:22 pm Leave a comment Go to comments

OK, so what if Jesus was an atheist???….   Is that wrong of me to ask?…  I mean I know SOME of you think it’s wrong to ask, I learned that real early in life actually….  One of my Grandfathers was a preacher….  I got kicked out of Sunday school at HIS CHURCH for asking questions like that when I was 7….  ‘The boy is just TOO unruly Brother’….  I guess I was riling up the other sheep a little too much….  It never really bothered me too much honestly cause I’ve always been able to MAKE UP MY OWN STORIES to amuse myself and I never cared much for the snake handling anyway….

But really, how do I know he wasn’t?….  From everything I’ve ever read HE never wrote anything himself…. It was just a bunch of random guys following him around that wrote a bunch of stuff, he ‘supposedly’ said that the rest of us are supposed to follow….  Those guys were like groupies man,…  I’m just not so sure I’d be listening to what the Claymates decide to jot down after Clay Aiken has decided to shuffle loose the mortal coil, that’s all I’m saying!

I mean the guy had NO fashion sense,… he wore SANDALS with a full length DRESS…. Those are just POOR CHOICES folks….

I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but MY friends can’t remember HALF the stuff I spew out of my gaping yaw….  and that’s just the THE NEXT MORNING….  Let alone after they’ve all set my dead ass aflame!!…. Cause they’d be really hung over see…  AND I’ve requested a Viking funeral….

Maybe that’s why his tomb was ‘mysteriously’ empty three day’s later….  It was some kind of stoner prank done by his obsessive fan base!!!!….   They had to hide Elvis’ body due to that crap or it would have happened to him too!!!!…..  If that HAD happened after Elvis died I bet by now THOUSANDS of people would be running around all over Tennessee and southern Kentucky following the ‘Book of Red‘ and the rest of the Memphis mafia…..  As it is they’ve got Dale Earnhardt and NASCAR….  it’s really only a slight adjustment…

I’m just saying,….  BAAAA sheep, BAAAA.

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