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Comedus Cockus Blockus,….Or when Open Mike is not there!

July 16, 2008, @ 11:32 pm Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, bummer…  I went out tonight for the first time to try some of this material out in front of a living breathing audience at some Open Mike Nights that were listed on sfstandup.com and of the 3 I tried here was the result:

So I go to the South San Francisco station and park the car so I can take the train into the city, who wants to pay for the gas right?!?!? Exit train at the 16th and Mission station for a quick walk to….

1: Delerium: Well the open mike nights have apparently been canceled.  Got there, talked to the bartender about signing up and was told, and I quote: “Yeah, the guys who used to do that have kind of flaked out.  They didn’t show up 2 weeks ago and we got no word from them tonight either so….  But I heard they may be doing a CLOSED mike night in a couple weeks.”  Ok, GREAT, now all I have to do is get some experience in 1 week and still be able to get ‘in’ with whomever the FLAKES are and I’m GOLDEN!!! 2 Corona’s $7.00 plus $2.00 for tips.

2: Our Little Theater: Well I wasn’t really sure if I’d be able to get in on this one but I wanted to at least go by and TRY since I got shut down hard at Delerium…..  Hopped on the BART at Mission and 16th, hopped off at the Powell St. Station….  I pop up out of the station an promptly walk PAST the street I need to turn east on, BUT I DO IT WITH VIGOR!!!!….  Two blocks later I realize my error, cut one block east and 2 blocks back to the south to the Our Little Theater!!!!…..  Which is FUCKING CLOSED and DARK…..   AHHHHH, who said comedians never suffer for their ART????  There is also NO GOOD PLACE to take a quick puff so I’m stuck with a sore back for the rest of the trip.  I’m just not used to being able to smoke openly on the street like I see so many people do here…. too many years of being ‘oppressed by the man’ back East, I need to get my West Coast head on!!!  So it’s BACK to the Powell St. BART station and hopping on to head south to the 24th and Mission station.

3: Make Out Room: Now in all fairness I KNEW this place was not putting on an Open Mike night tonight.  They do one on the last Wednesday of each month.  I just wanted to check out the space….  Talked to the bartender, she was a lovely woman and really polite and cool!!!  The space is really nice, it’s lit pretty nicely and I liked the stage and the back area where the audience can gather in front of the stage….  I’ll definitely be looking to get in touch with the organizer of this one for the possibility of being able to work on my stuff there on the 30th of July….  1 Dark Lager $3.00 plus $1.00 tip for that nice bartender!!!

OK, so there is no one who can say I have not TRIED at this point….  There is another place that I spoke to about Open Mike’s here in town on Tuesdays called Annie’s Social Club, I was unable to go yesterday due to my spouse’s work schedule, but the next Tuesday she’s off for the evening I’m there to sign up for a performance time at 5:30pm, the show runs from 6pm to 9pm.

So that’s the fun I had for the evening,…..  And not even one funny damned thing happened to me, or within my sight, that I can write about either….  Oh well at least the beers were cheap for a change and I got out with only spending a little MORE on booze than I did on BART.

Well at least I can thank the geographical elevations of this lovely city in which I live for helping me to work off those 3 beers!  I’ll keep you all appraised of my luck in the future!

  1. Zero Signal
    July 17, 2008, @ 7:34 am at 7:34 am

    Hey, folks. Not a funny thing happened on my way here tonight…

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