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Finally, 1st Open Mike Completed…Infinity to GO!

July 18, 2008, @ 10:01 am Leave a comment Go to comments

Well all right!!! So I SUCCESSFULLY performed at my first open mike night……   Now I know what some of you are saying,  “But ED you seem so professional, handsome and incredibly funny, how could this have been your first time!?!?!”…..  Oh wait the liquor and mescaline are starting to wear off, MY head was saying that.

So I went last night and performed at The BrainWash.  It’s funny but I really did better than I had hoped, I don’t recall getting any crickets, which is a good thing, and everyone seemed to enjoy the jokes I decided to do.  You get about 5 minutes starting out so this is the set list I did last night:

We All Gotta Start Somewhere

John McLaughlin and the Great Cookie Controversy

Your Prostate and You

I quit drinking recently

A Little More on the Drinky, Drink

Black Out Drunk

I’ve never done Crack

I believe this will be the set I am going to be working on for the next few weeks till I get my timing down better.  I got good laughs in the right places but I messed up my wording a couple times.  I really was pretty happy with how it came out being my first live performance and all.

I also would like to just note that the staff at The BrainWash and the hosts Tony Sparks and Kaitlyn (I probably butchered the spelling of her name, sorry Kaitlyn, and I can’t remember her last name, sorry I’ll write it down next time…. Damned Hefeweisen) were both great, Kaitlyn did most of the emceeing and was really funny also.  Ah Ha! Caitlin Gill was the correct spelling and last name of the emcee from last night… Gotta love that internet thingy majig…..  She has no web page but she can be found if you Google her none the less…. remember they are watching you!

The other comics I spent time talking to were also really pretty nice, no one was being a dick (or dickette if you have boobs) and several of them gave me some good tips on a couple other places with open mike nights that I was unaware of here in town.

So based on the little bit of success I had last night, well your just fucking stuck with me now folks!

  1. Zero Signal
    July 18, 2008, @ 7:37 pm at 7:37 pm

    Congrats. That’s awesome.

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