Open Mike part deux…

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OK, so last night I did another open mike, this time at Annie’s Social Club, it was run by Jeff and Chad, they seemed nice and ran things well.  They were too busy to have any long winded conversations with me, so like I said they seemed nice and I was able to make them chuckle at least a couple of times while I was on stage so I’m happy with it, it’s a tough room as EVERYONE there was a comedian looking for stage time.  But also to get a laugh out of them is good, I should think, so I’m feeling pretty good.

The show kicked off a little late but who really care’s no one’s paying us for this right!?!?!?  It went ok, I tried to re-work my little intro and a couple others I did last week:

We all gotta start somewhere

John McLaughlin and the Great Cookie Controversy

Your Prostate and You!!!

The rest of the set was stuff I have written in the last week since I did the open mike last Thursday at The Brainwash.  I realized that that set I did with all the drinking stuff just seemed like ‘mostly filler’ to me…  Some of it is funny stuff but it also seems (to me at least) like it’s a bit like softball, you can get a good hit but it’s still not as satisfying as whacking that fucking HARDBALL out of the park….  So I need to be a little more gutsy and believe in my stuff a little more.  Nothing I write here is ever performed word for word so I really just need to get comfortable with myself on stage and I think I should be fine…  But I ramble…

So the rest of the set from last night I performed was:

Prejudice and Me

The Ranger Taoist

WIkiholic (I had written this in but I did not perform it as I felt I would not have time for the last joke)

Arby’s Philly Beef Toasted Sub

Out of the Box

Your Fired

String Theory

DaVinci Code

When a Man Loves a Woman….and Another Woman

Some worked better than others but again I think alot of it is my timing so I’m going to keep working on most of these I believe.  The Man Loves a Woman bit has had a quick edit since last nights performance…  I had a song tacked on to the end to the tune of ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’, it was rough but then again so was my singing voice….  It seemed funny in my skull, so anyway, I added another ‘tip’ for the planners and I’ll see how it goes over next time.

So before people ask, everything I do is based in reality yes, it’s my life and I just have a way of coping with it by trying to laugh at it, otherwise it’d be FUCKING tragic, really…  I’d say of the jokes I do……. 85% is reality, 17% is bullshit and exaggeration (yes I KNOW that is MORE than 100% but like those survey jerks, my jokes have a +/- of 3% in accuracy, which is just a statisticians slimy way of saying they can REALLY be off by 6% folks)!!!

So I hope people keep enjoying it and I appreciate the comments!–Ed.

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