Karma says no comedy tonight!

July 24, 2008, @ 6:21 pm Leave a comment Go to comments

If I believed in god or something else irrelevant, like The Force, I would think that tonight was a sign…

I left the house driving my merry way to the train station to go into town and do tonights open mike at The Brainwash….

Drive out of driveway, check… pull out of subdivision, check…. drive down mountain and say sarcastically to self, “Cool view of the Pacific, it fucking sucks that I moved here.”, check….  Apply brakes to stop as approaching bottom of mountain, OH SHIT HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!

You got it no brakes, thank the frakin’ creator (sorry Battlestar Galactica reference) I got a car with a manual transmission kids or it would a been a really squishy mess, ‘Blood on the Highway’ starring me would have been showing in drivers ed classes for years….  So, no yuck yucks tonight….  but I DO get to keep breathing for a bit longer so it’s a wash I figure.

Got the car to the shop about 5pm PST where I had the front brakes done in April this year and we find that the rear brakes lost 2 bolts and the caliper is totally fried (left rear, for the really mechanically curious)…. Luckily I am an anal retentive jerk, so I whipped out the receipt and warranty from when I had the BOTH rear brakes and calipers replace in April of 2007 via the local Goodyear/Gemini when I was still in Florida….  I knew the big move was close, even last year, so I got the work done at a national place with 24 month or 24,000 mile warranty,….  so we’re safe on BOTH counts, less than 24 months since the work and a little under 20,000 miles since the work was done….

SO, guess who’s calling Goodyear/Gemini’s national warranty department between 6am and 6pm MST tomorrow????

If you guessed me YOUR RIGHT, but none the less I still wouldn’t sign up for Jeopardy based on just that question.   I’ll keep you appraised of the situation…

  1. August 8, 2008, @ 8:41 am at 8:41 am

    Ohhh and UPDATE: Got the car fixed but Goodyear/Gemini did not cover the entire cost of the repairs….

    Corporate reasoning: We replaced your rotor and we will not pay for the cost of “turning the rotor” and labor…. (Think to self: What the fuck is wrong with these people? But in fairness, I think that about MOST people.)

    HUMAN reasoning: I would not have to have the fucking rotor ‘turned’ (which just sounds suspicious no matter how often I hear it, the fucking thing ‘turns’ every time I drive the car, along with the other 3, just say what your doing: your leveling the fucking rotor surface!!!!) if your companies previously work, which by the way was fully paid for at the time of service, had not FAILED while i was DRIVING DOWN A MOUNTAIN…. literally, cause I know people tend to over exaggerate, but I was going down a fucking mountain side when they failed….. It was kind of an imperative that I stop at that point, there was a light there and lots of the large heavy metal object on wheels, oh yeah OTHER CARS, moving quickly in both directions when I got to that point!!!

    End result, Goodyear/Gemini are fucktard rip off artists that DO NOT HONOR their own warranty conditions….. SO I ended up paying the difference, roughly $145.17…. yeah I’m an exacting ass, but I always get the math right.

    So, this shit is in some way going in a bit in the future…. I’ll take that $145.17 ten thousandfold out of their ass in lost future customers…. I haven’t been to an Applebee’s in 13 years people (the last time we went the waitress literally threw coin change at my wife, yeah pity her manager we had a little heart to heart right there in front of every customer coming in the door for about an hour) and I do hold grudges!

    So the loving folk at the Goodyear/Gemini company may now reap the rewards of not teaching the Customer Service Reps when to use logic and put the ‘script’ aside…

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