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Agnostics, the Kansas of Theology…

August 7, 2008, @ 10:32 pm Leave a comment Go to comments

Agnosticism is the Kansas of theological thought,….  for just as Kansas during the Great War, aka The Civil War, aka The American Civil War (for those on the other side of the pond), aka Isn’t it funny how all wars were “the Great War” till the next one came along, I mean you’d think someone would have learned this was a bad naming convention by the time WWI came about but NO they still called IT the Great War too….

It’s like no one figured out before the 1920’s that pretty much ALL the weapons continue to get better over time?!?!?  Apparently, someone, somewhere was still using rocks as weapons till sometime around 1919 or so…

Back to my point fucking Agnostics like Kansas refuse to take a side,…..

“I refuse to make a decision as there is no proof either way”… kind of a cop out if you ask me….   Make a fucking decision and stick to it till your death like a man!!!!……    Even when it is PROVEN empirically to be wrong stick to those fucking guns!!!!

Though I would BET that MOST agnostics, just like Kansas, make a choice right at the end there….  just to ‘cover their bases’….

ok, please break up into your groups now and discuss these points.

  1. August 8, 2008, @ 6:59 am at 6:59 am

    I hope there is a God just so all those death bed repenters who cry at the last moment get raped…

    God would just be like “So bitches, you smoked, drank, adultered, coveted and theieved till your death bed, then you repented… LOL I DON’T CARE IF YOU REPENTED. ROFL PWNT!!!!!” Then he’d send their asses to hell.

    And yes, I do imagine God as the kind of chap who’d say things like “roflpwnt.”

    I’m pretty sure it’s in the Old Testament somewhere, “it’s probably in Corinthians, there’s loads of weird shit in there.”

  2. August 8, 2008, @ 7:52 am at 7:52 am

    Virgil you are clearly a ‘God of the Israelites’ type of guy…..

    At least on those days that your believing in him/her/it (I’m thinking of Vishnu now that I’ve written the word it,… what the fuck who worships a half woman/half octopi hybrid!?!??! If a good old AmeriCAN had happened upon that god it would have been stuffed and mounted on a wall somewhere roughly four score and seven years ago cubed.)

    Oh and of course if you believe in a god, whomever that may be, he would use l33t. It was all covered under that whole ‘Tower of Babel’ debacle.

  3. RAGEFIRE 666
    August 8, 2008, @ 5:15 pm at 5:15 pm

    Hey now can we not just get along? I,ve been legaly dead twice..on record..I,ve walked with death many times before and after that time.I have talked with GOD and he told me “Look bro I can’t let you through the pearly gates because of your actions but I can make a call to Luci(He likes it when I call him Luci) and see if you can be in charge of dealing out the suffering to all those who believed just so they could sleep better

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