He would never hurt a fly…

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A couple of months ago ( June 4th to be exact) I made a prediction to a group of friends on a private bulletin board regarding Mr. Obama and his chances of surviving to become the new President or if he became President how long he had before the nut jobs started coming out of the woodwork….  I’ve lived in the south, so knowing the pedigree and minimal cranial capacity of the average citizen in the area…..  It really was not too hard to be honest….

Basically, I had said a loon would be making an attempt between September of 2008 through February of 2011,…..   So the person we’ll here fore to refer to as ‘Low Watt Bulb #1‘ decided to DISCUSS his ploy in his Bail Bondsman Training session with the rest of the class….  Maybe they were brainstorming and he thought, “This is the PERFECT time to get some outside input on my ruse!”….  Who knows, perhaps it was the potency of the local weed….   Though having lived in Florida I gotta say if that’s it then the herbal remedy in Michigan must REALLY suck….

Another major fuck up, listen close here kiddies, he decided to tell the Secret Service agents that were interviewing him,  “If I wanted to take him out I’d just use a Sniper rifle,….  Just kidding!”….  Really he told the Secret Service Agent JUST KIDDING….   Have you ever seen these SS guys in person?  Big chuckles are really not what you should be going for at this juncture in your life here buddy….

Also, why is it every time one of these nuts is caught dead to rights some bleeding heart piss ant always gets in front of the press and starts saying, “He was the nicest person you’d ever want to meet….  Give you the shirt right off his back he would….  He’d never hurt a fly…”   It’s like I’m watching the “Who shot Buck Wheat” coverage from SNL back in the early 80’s,…  Do you think he could do this, “Oh yes, he was ALWAYS saying he was going to shoot Obama!”….

Case and point, for our current psycho with the required 3 names, we get this lovely bunch of fertilizer from his girlfriend, who here fore to shall be referred to as ‘Low Watt Bulb #2‘….

Now no offense but I don’t really trust the judgment of a 35 year old barfly chick who felt that dating a 22 yr old moron was a good life choice,….   he was probably abusive to her too,….  Cause you know that’s hot right?…..  I’ve never understood the whole ‘damaged girl’ syndrome,….  If I’d only ‘slapped’ a few chicks around during my youth I probably would have been WAY more popular with the ladies…..

Oh, to go back and tell the 18 yr old me what I know now…..

Keep your Pimp hand strong out there gentlemen.

  1. August 8, 2008, @ 2:47 pm at 2:47 pm

    In honor of the coming Democratic Convention i have posted a list of 18 Reasons Obama will win the 08 Election @


    Which reason do you think will ultimately decide the Election in Obama’s favor ? Come and discuss the issue!!!

  2. Steve Garver Jr.
    August 8, 2008, @ 4:59 pm at 4:59 pm

    Dude great stuff!Especialy the low grade weed comment

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