Why don’t he write?…..

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Some have written asking why I have not been writing as much this month thus far, so I thought I’d give some of you a quick explanation….

Basically, all you read here is fodder for my stand up act.  It’s what I’m working on in my spare time, believe me I make my money elsewhere at this point.  I have a great deal of material I have to work through and see what works, and what doesn’t, in front of the living and breathing entity here fore to known as ‘the audience’….

At this point I only get to do 5 to 7 minutes on stage at a time and if you’ve read everything I’ve written so far you know that I have a lot more material than that to work through at this point.  Plus, I only get to go out, if I’m lucky, 2 to 3 nights per week…. so that’s 15 to 21 minutes per week maximum that I get to try out live.  Like I said this is a spare time unpaid obsession at this point so I go out when the wife (who is a nurse) is not working her evening shift at the hospital.

Also, I have to work on the individual jokes as I go through them, toss out or re-word what was misunderstood or just plain missed by the audience the first time and then try them again.   Actually, this is one of the more interesting parts of working on this.   I have some that just flat bombed the first time I tried them and it’s fun to do them again after re-tooling and having people laugh at it the second time out, it makes you feel like you’ve actually accomplished something.  Plus it’s kind of fun to know your getting ready to do something that no one liked the first time and see it work out in the end.

Even the jokes that work well the first time out I re-work, for example: When a Man Loves a Woman,…. and Another Woman got lots of laughs in almost all the right places the first time I tried it, but there were a couple parts I tried that just bombed within that joke the first time, in fact I had written the joke and tried it onstage before I ever posted it so it had a ‘pre-post’ edit.  Now even that joke that worked gets another write through and I have to try it again in front of people after the re-write.

The actual writing part of this process is not such a chore for me and I actually enjoy it, I’m just lucky in that I’m always able to think of something or find something, that I can find an amusing angle too but it’s a result of the way my mind works.  To quote Hunter S. Thompson, “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me. ”  Plus, to be honest, it’s better for me that this site is not ‘to well known’ in order to keep people from having heard my stuff from another source, IE.- cut and paste e-mail forwards, before they see me perform it live on stage….  But then even that is only a limited audience at this point, however I do enjoy seeing my site get alot more hits the day after a performance….  At least then I know some folks out there are liking my stuff enough to search me up online, which personally I find pretty darn complementary being the ‘rookie’ that I am at this point.

Then the other part of the process is memorization and practice, working out facial ticks/expressions, gestures and such…..  This can actually make one feel quite silly, especially when your kid walks in and see’s ‘Dad’ acting like a nut in front of the mirror with his brush (the fake mic)….  But I just include them and we all make goofy for a while.

So, hopefully this will explain the lapse in recent posts to those that were curious out there….  I do have a bunch more stuff written, I have a notebook that I start everything in and then it ends up here, and I promise I’ll start trying to give you a ‘little taste’ on occasion in the future to prevent any more 3 or 4 day lapses in posts.

Thanks for the Q’s folks–Ed.

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