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David Blaine is magically annoying….

August 26, 2008, @ 6:39 pm Leave a comment Go to comments

David Blaine has miraculously made him self disappear from the face of the planet….  At least that’s what I’m hoping….  I haven’t heard anything from this annoying douche lately but it’s really been kind of nice….

Apparently I’m not the only person who sees the stupidity in his ‘magic’…..

I performed a BUNCH of ‘magic’ when I was in the Army….  I ‘magically’ hiked 25 miles on a road march…..   I ‘magically’ prevented myself from drowning by using my pants as a flotation device…  I ‘magically’ pissed off my Drill Sergeant when I informed him that his belief that I was a homosexual was incorrect but I appreciated the fact that he found me so attractive that he wanted to discuss it in front of the rest of the group….  Oh and after a great deal of practice I was able to make peoples head’s explode into a nice pinkish spray from 1000+ meters…..   TAAA  DAAAA!!!!

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