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Fear and Loathing your doodie in San Francisco…

August 31, 2008, @ 11:32 am Leave a comment Go to comments

Oh my…   it’s to be 63 degrees (F) for a high today….  rough…  I love this place I’ve moved too, especially after having been sentenced to live in the south for roughly 20 years…  Living in Florida is like living in a steam vent…  That’s part of the reason I eventually settled permanently in a place where the year round temperature range is 45 to 80 degrees with what feels like, when compared to Florida, NO humidity…  I mean I know there is some, there’s fog all over the damned place….  But some people look better through a THICK fog bank so it works for me…

Some of my views were also, frankly, a little too ‘liberal’ for the south…  But what are ya gonna do right?  I’m me…  And gosh darn it, I LIKE MYSELF….  So it’s good to be in a place where opening my mouth doesn’t elicit quite so many stares… There’s always someone ‘right around the corner’ who’s WAY farther off base than I could ever dream to be….

Then there are always the issues that EVEN I will roll my eyes at when I read the press they’re getting…  Who care’s what you name a damned sewage plant???…  Well apparently some people feel where we flush our crap CAN BE an effective political tool…  I mean don’t get me wrong…  I like the idea of making people realize that all the real President Bush has ever done is spew a vile waste product upon America for the past 8 years…  I also enjoy the idea of having to make him personally process my crap…  But I’d ALSO rather take a dump on him ‘face to ass’, not ‘symbolically’….

After all I’ve had to put up with him shitting on me, and everyone else who feels like me, for the past two terms it’s just unfortunate that he’s currently ‘holding the microphone’…  He just makes the rest of America LOOK bad…  I mean were not ALL inbred like that, I promise you people out there in every other country in the world….  It’s just that apparently a little over half of us are sheep….  And even when the half of us that aren’t sheep vote the right way, see the ‘black’ sheep cheat and steal elections…

I’m sure SOME of you other country’s out there are familiar with this concept…

I just think it’s kind of mean to do that to your own doodie, it would be like sending your kids to a school named after number 43 …  it’s embarrasing one and cruel two…  Poor little doodie, I mean you brought it into this world, it never asked to be here…

  1. August 31, 2008, @ 2:12 pm at 2:12 pm

    goodness i don’t think anyone’s doodie deserves that sort of treatment…

  2. August 31, 2008, @ 2:48 pm at 2:48 pm

    I gotta disagree, I think naming a (or all) sewage treatment plants after W is a damn good idea. Even better, let’s update the English language and substitute GW Bush for sewage.

    You might enjoy GW Bush toilet bowl cleaners and other fun stuff.

    Funny, I like the thought of it in his hair… It’s really not that big a thing to me, I think it’s even funnier when you consider how much money that particular PAC has spent to get something like this on the ballot for this November… It’s nice cause in FL the laws on the ballot were just STUPID, lots of reverse wording to confuse the old folk so they would vote for when they wanted to vote against something… At least here, CA., I’ll leave the polls laughing! 😉

  3. Zero Signal
    August 31, 2008, @ 10:03 pm at 10:03 pm

    “Some of my views were also, frankly, a little too ‘liberal’ for the south… But what are ya gonna do right? I’m me… And gosh darn it, I LIKE MYSELF….”

    Your feelings are valid. Damn it, you are valid.

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