I have a Secret

September 3, 2008, @ 8:52 am Leave a comment Go to comments

There is currently a Secret under arm deodorant commercial here that is just annoying as hell…

This stupid girl is running around throwing up her arms in front of everybody and sniffing her own pits while making ‘pithy’ remarks….  By the time she gets in front of the cop car I want to run up behind her with a Cricket bat and bash her fucking skull in….   I don’t care that the cops are even there by that point….  She’s that annoying….  I’m willing to DO the time!

The Cricket bat?….  Simply for aerodynamic purposes….  Turn that sucker sideways and swing it right, she’s going down ‘Shogun’ style

Cause, you know, seppuku involves having a good buddy chop your head off right?….  And that’s gotta be a REALLY good friend too right….  He just wants to ‘end your pain’….  Not like you haven’t been annoying the shit out of him for 20 years mooching his liquor and fries….

But I think you’d rather have the guy you pissed off swinging there really…  I mean a buddy might ‘pull up’ a little at the last second…  The guy’s you’ve pissed off are gonna be swinging ‘through’…   Lookin for that ‘victory lap’ around the bases…

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