Unfortunate but true…

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OK, for the most part I’m not really a sports fanatic…  I wrestled as a youth, so I abhor the spectacle of televised wrestling, as well as, most of the crowd it draws….  ALSO damned Nascar….   Duhhh, turn left, duhhhh turn left….  But then my Mom’s second husband did this ‘sport’ for leisure, so I got sick of it at a VERY young age…   Your just paying to see people CRASH, be honest and go to a demolition derby morons…

However, having grown up in ‘corn country’ Nebraska I learned a finer appreciation for the Huskers and the NFL…  I eventually settled on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as it was the first major city I lived in for an extended time that had a professional team…  Now this was in the ‘creamsicle‘ uniform days so YOU KNOW I’m a real fan…  And I admit I’m looking forward to wearing my Buc’s gear to an away game when they play the Raider’s now that I live in S.F. (of course I’m gonna remain loyal to league and go with the 49ers for my local pic, gee I’m not a savage)…

So I’ve fallen into the Fantasy Football leagues now and unfortunately folks…  I hate to tell you this….  This stuff is HEROIN….

It just makes the game days way more fun!!!   But I do just a simple league that doesn’t cost anything on Sporting News…  I started off ‘just doing it on weekends’ you know…  At parties with friends, socially….  But then you know the next season, well I joined two and the next thing you know it all just ‘seemed normal’…  I mean ALL our friends were doing it and it didn’t seem like it was hurting anybody…  I mean sure I get pissed if I don’t do my trades in time for the next week, but it’s just cause I CARE….

I can quit anytime I want to but this season I DON’T WANT TOO OK!!!  I’ve been getting better every year, I was in the top 3% last year…  I can’t quit NOW….

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