Big news, Unemployment rate hits 6.1 percent…

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Yeah this is big news?…  This figure is bogus and the national unemployment rate has been incorrect and slowly getting FURTHER out of line with reality the longer Bush and the Republinazi’s have been in office…

I hear you out there, “But Ed how can this be true?  I mean Bush and company would NEVER lie to us”…  Yeah OK, and I promise I won’t cu……well you know….

The reason this figure is bogus, beyond a doubt, is because of the FACT that for each year since Bush has been in office the number of TEMPORARY and CONTRACT workers in American businesses have INCREASED…  Guess what happens to an I.T. worker, like myself, who finishes a contract and has ‘at times’ a 4 to 6 week wait between gigs???   WE GET NOTHING, you can’t get unemployment because your a contract or temporary agency worker….  Not that I want it, I actually hustle and have quite a high rate of call backs from previous companies I’ve contracted through, but there can still be a period of time till projects ‘line up’ with my availability…  I mean they can’t always wait for me to finish another job before I begin theirs either….  It cuts both ways…

But then that creates another issue when you’ve been completing contracts successfully for 5 years,….

Your resume begins to become a short non-fiction novel….  No kidding, my ‘traditional’ chronological version has bloated to 7 pages and that’s with me actually ‘cutting it down’….  So now I have to have an ‘abbreviated version’ which has even LESS specific details of the actual position duties, but it’s “3 pages or less”, otherwise the won’t even ‘consider’ you….  Which means I still have to bring every interviewer a full on packet which includes my long and short resumes, my references with contact info, my certification information, letters of recommendation and a short little ‘strengths’ worksheet…  I also pay for the travel to and from interviews in addition to all that resume ‘quality’ linen paper for each packet,…

I’ve SERIOUSLY had to endure as many as 4 face to face interviews in order to get a 6 week contract before…  These agencies are just milking companies for more money by EXTENDING the interview process…  They get paid for that, I DON’T!!!!

Once you’ve talked to me on the phone ONCE, then face to face ONCE and done your due diligence and checked out my references and recommendations…  Guess what, you should be able to DO YOUR JOB AND MAKE A DECISION!!!!….  The only things out of all that a perspective employee can write off is the printer ink cartridges and the paper, so save those receipts out there job seekers…

So now your in my position, and there ARE alot of I.T. people like me out here in the ether,….   you have 5 years of really good experiences with all manner of applications, software packages, Server configurations, Desktop configurations, Ghosting images, creating images, hardware experience and on and on, where you’ve proven yourself on short term and long term contracts anywhere from 30 days up to 8 months each (we won’t even go into the people relationships, cause it’ll take forever, but you have to be able to get along with every user you meet too so there are actually a lot of ‘people skills’ too)….   You’ve gone in there and assimilated the system and solutions they want you to use within a week or less, you’ve ‘picked up the slack’ and helped turn a place around and ‘get back on track’, your a Jack of All Trades but a Master of none….  Every contract is either extended or ends when scheduled and you go back out there to the ‘next’ interview…

Why all the contracts asks Mr. Interviewer,…   “Well see I’m an honest guy… and my family and I have been planning to move all the way across country for 4 years, but you have to wait for your spouse to finish the schooling she’s started for her career change”…  So I honestly told people that I was planning on moving in 2008, ergo I only get offers for contract positions…  No one wants to hire someone they know is going to walk out the door with all that specific knowledge of their network and systems configuration and basically ‘waste their time for the last 2 or 3 years’….  So I just keep plugging along and WORKING….  I am the ‘Henry Hill’ of the I.T. industry, I’m an earner…  That’s why they like me around…

OK so now you complete your move, you go out and get the same questions from Mr. Interviewer in your NEW location….  “Um, you have a LOT of different jobs listed here, why?”….  Same answer as previous paragraph, except now I’m here and it’s permanent, I want a permanent position….

Many employers don’t want to hire someone at my level with my skills because, get this, I am a SUCCESSFUL contractor…  They feel that I may decide to ‘walk out’ if I don’t like it because I’ve proven that I can be a successful ‘job seeker’…  Now I’ve never walked out on a job, ANY job, without notice….  Isn’t this EXACTLY the type of fact checking your ass is supposed to do during the ‘reference check’???   Why should I have to JUSTIFY being successful in playing the ‘cards I was dealt’….  See this is the type of reward you are given for all that honesty you were taught in the Boy Scouts…  Makes me want to go out and kick Cub Scouts so they never get that far with the indoctrination….

So all of these are just a FEW of the reasons the big news about the ‘Unemployment rate’ is one of the largest and laboriously created pieces of bullshit fiction since the Holy Bible came off the chained and bound ‘apprentice’ copiers desks approximately 2000 years ago…

Cause I’m actually an ‘in demand’ piece of equipment….  There are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS more American citizens who’s trade is not as forgiving, the opportunities don’t arise as often…  I’ve had friends who were clerks, accountants and in human resources who have gone from 6 to 18 months between positions…  And guess how much unemployment insurance they got????   $0.00, but I’m rounding UP….

The only people who have benefited from the outsourcing of personnel in America are the big business executives (who get their bonuses for ‘lowering’ cost by cutting permanent staff and the benefits cost savings from cutting that former staff), the pre-employment drug testing industry, outsource agencies (with all the bloated interview process time wasted for me that THEY get paid for and they keep a ‘cut’ of every dollar your making from the client company once YOU get hired…  Actually, yes they ARE legalized pimps…   You see a pimps love is different than a squares love…  wait that’s for a different post…) and the U.S. government who get their damned taxes from every check when you are working (including that good old unemployment insurance tax you’ll never collect on)….

So remember when those statisticians tell you,  ‘This information may be off by as much as “+/- 3 percent”….  The truth is that’s just a slimy way of them telling you the numbers ACTUALLY can be off by as much as 6 percent….   And that’s really only of the bullshit incomplete and incorrect numbers they have used to create their inaccurate and UNTRUTHFUL PowerPoint presentation….

Enjoy your coffee and danish…  And people wonder how I find the time to write and work on stand up….

  1. Mike Harmon
    September 5, 2008, @ 12:01 pm at 12:01 pm

    I discovered your homepage by coincidence.
    Very interesting posts and well written.
    I will put your site on my blogroll.

    thanks, i don’t want to say i’m watching you but your comment is now my hostage… You have 3 days to add me to your blogroll and leave an plain black bag containing 1 MILLION dollars at the big hideous fountain (referred to by SOME as art) down by the ferry building at embarcadero (brendan fraiser is standing in it at one point in ‘Bedazzled’) or your comment WILL die….

    9/9/08: Mike, your a loser troll…. Hiding under the bridge of the internet swiping at the ankles of children…. The only reason I have left your post up is to warn others of your ilk… You simply post to advertise for a business blog created to try and work as free advertising… If you want to sell something pay me and I’ll put up a link

  2. Trisha
    September 6, 2008, @ 8:34 am at 8:34 am

    There are 5.2 million job openings and 9 million unemployed. Many experts believe that 50,000 online job boards are to blame for fragmenting the job market and making it difficult for employers and job seekers to connect. Here’s the 3 newest sites from’s top 10 Employment list:
    edited 2 of the 3 sites listed: I’ve heard of linkedin so I’ll leave it, just for future reference folks, if you have a link or two RELATED to what I’ve written about fine, but don’t go overboard… Thanks, Ed.

    Theres a perfect job out there for everyone!

  3. Zero Signal
    September 6, 2008, @ 1:47 pm at 1:47 pm

    As i was writing my comment, it turned into a rather lengthy rant, better suited to be a pissed off post on my own page. So i’ll simply say, hear hear!

    I’ll read it shortly!

  4. Zero Signal
    September 9, 2008, @ 11:12 pm at 11:12 pm

    So no black bag…bummer. Guess the crime market isn’t really any greener than the legit one.

    Never posted my article. It was too meandering and tangential, and at the end i just repeated “Screw Flanders” over and over.

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