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So what DO you believe in?….

September 8, 2008, @ 4:30 pm Leave a comment Go to comments

Someone recently asked me this question, rather incredulously too I might add, when they learned I was an Atheist…  Since I get tired of answering this question I wanted to just post it here and then in the future I will be able to just ‘cut and paste’ my reply,….   Thanks for your patience:

I believe in String Theory.

I really don’t want a debate, but it’s early PST so that COULD change…

The problem with religion is that 90% of the world population become the same religion as their parents, there is no ’soul searching’ going on in that instance… It’s just something you ‘believe’ because you were taught to do so by your parents… And MOST believe it to a point of fanatical and illogical ranting when they hear ANY opinion that does not agree with their own…

My Grandfather (Mom’s father) was a Minister for the Church of the Nazarene (till his death), my Aunt (Father’s sister) is a Minister for the Wesleyan Church, I have been to those, Methodist churches, Catholic churches, Jewish Synagogue’s, Baptist churches and I mean BAPTIST churches too brother (both with and WITHOUT the snake handling)…

I went to Bible Studies on multiple occasions in any given week while I was maturing…

So where do I get what drives me… I have faith in HUMANITY, other living breathing PEOPLE… True some of them let you down, but then again MANY of them don’t. But in the end THEY determine their own fate and place in MY life based upon their ACTIONS…

I believe that math and science CAN explain everything, we just don’t have all the information required to complete the equation for EVERYTHING… Please don’t start that old argument..

I’m glad that you feel that religion has what you feel you need to make your life complete, I just don’t require that particular ‘mass delusion’ to live my day to day existence… And I don’t mean the phrase ‘mass delusion’ as an insult, it’s just the way I look at it… Any form of religion is a cult, it’s just that yours is larger than most, it being Christianity…

Man glad I didn’t want to ‘debate’ huh…

  1. sheisgod
    September 9, 2008, @ 12:43 pm at 12:43 pm

    It’s crazy 90% of the world’s population are the same religion as their parents. That saddens me that many people don’t think and rely on blind faith. Most are crazy when it comes to those not believing the same. I’ve been told I’m going to burn in hell many times.

    I just tell em I’ve already lived in Florida, if I’m wrong it couldn’t possibly be much worse… If they’re wrong they have wasted billions of dollars collectively that could have helped someone that actually exists in real life…

  2. wavemaker2
    September 25, 2008, @ 9:27 am at 9:27 am

    OMGEEZ!!! This is too awesome! My husband is and Athiest and I’m and Agnostic. One reason ONLY I was brain washed when I was a kid to do as MY Parent’s told me to do.. And us also believe in Space, Science ETC… til l8er

  1. September 24, 2008, @ 10:23 pm at 10:23 pm

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