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You can’t keep a real dick quiet for long…

September 9, 2008, @ 11:31 am Leave a comment Go to comments

First let me say that I like both these show’s already so it’s just funny to me…   I like ’30 Rock’ cause Tina Fey is both hot and funny, the writing is always good and so is the ensemble….  ‘My Name is Earl’ has been great too, though there were a couple episodes I didn’t like last year, but no one is 100%….

So currently Alec Baldwin and Greg Garcia are ‘trading barbs’ publicly…

But didn’t people learn that Alec Baldwin was a total dick back in the 80’s after ‘The Hunt For Red October’….  He got all full of himself and ‘negotiated’ himself right out of one of the best written, produced and money making film series EVER!!!…   I mean ok, let’s leave out the kid issue cause it was really just the work of a vindictive ex-spouse and hey I’ve been there….  Even without that, the dude just seems to be a big dick in public situations ALOT…  and this is coming from me, I hear ‘your a dick’ quite a bit too…  I’m just betting he hears it MORE…   And he always seems to get the ‘fires’ going every time he starts to get a little acclaim again…

It’s also funny to me cause Baldwin got his insult wrong, Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee are both Scientologists, not Greg Garcia…  Which well I just really don’t want to get into today…  I like them both as I first saw them both in Kevin Smith films and well that’s just a soft spot for me so they get a pass on this one…

But we all know how anal I am about ‘getting it right’…   So let’s learn to use google and dictionary.com out there Mr. Baldwin, BEFORE we fire off our ‘witty retorts’….

It’s probably all a press stunt to drive ratings anyway…

Hollywood kind of makes me laugh at times in that so many in the industry are so quick to work with assholes and pederasts, ala Woody Allen…  I mean I still wouldn’t want the guy near my kids, even though they’re not Asian and he has trouble with mobility…  But if you read that link to an article you’ll see how he KNOWS what he did is sick and wrong but he say’s it was his ‘luckiest break’….  he’s a pedophile.

Roman Polanski???  Again, not going to be babysitting for my family if I’m ever in Europe on tour…  I don’t care if they are ‘sensitive’ and ‘artistic’ geniuses….  Stay away from the little people perverts!!!  I don’t care HOW LONG ago it was, your still a freak…  I’m sorry about his past, it’s horrid, but 13 year old girls???  Your sick, find an 18 year old who LOOKS young if that’s your thing, but real kids!!!  Your damaging another generation jerk wad…

  1. wavemaker2
    September 9, 2008, @ 1:56 pm at 1:56 pm

    ROFL… I totally agree with you.. Alec Baldwin is a dick head!! And I can tell you someone else that is and asshole and that is William Shatner.. OMGEEZ!! What a DORK!! Just looking at BOTH of them make my skin crawl.. til l8er

  2. karadouglas
    September 9, 2008, @ 2:48 pm at 2:48 pm

    I agree that ALec Baldwin is a dick. Speaking of dicks, you know who make my skin icjky: Andy Dick
    Man, that dude is creepy.


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