Busy day…

September 10, 2008, @ 5:21 pm Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, it’s been a busy day, the world didn’t end due to man’s ‘foolish attempts to play god’….    So I’ve been returning all kinds of stuff cause I ran up the credit cards in anticipation of the end of the world….  I was really sad to see the Kiss Kasket go back out the door…  I was looking forward to using Gene’s suggestion of letting it function as a coffee table/cooler/conversation piece till my final repose….  Hopefully, this return won’t jeopardize my rating on eBay….

The other reason for the busy day is phone calls and interviews….  I’ve been looking for a new contract gig so it kind of ‘cramps’ my writing and creativity when I’m talking about Exchange 2003, Desktop Systems, Database issues and MS OS’s….   It’s a long story, but luckily for you I’ve detailed it all previously here….  And you probably thought that working with computers was all GLAMOR….  It’s a great gig when your working and a massive pain in the butt when your looking….  Yeah, I know, waa, waa, waa….   Plus, there was NO GOOD PORN to rent on cable this afternoon when the wife and I wanted to….  Well, you know the kids were at school so…

So due to my lack of creativity today I’m going to ‘phone it in’ with a little story from the Wichita Eagle police blotter on June 14th of 2008:

Police were called to a home in Wichita, Kan., in June after two young men had been arguing over which was more deserving of the street name C-Thug. The fight ended when a woman old enough to be their mother came along and stabbed one of the “thugs.” [Wichita Eagle, 6-14-08]


So we’ve got THAT going for us in the ‘heartland’…..   Keep it real out there Mommy’s…

  1. wavemaker2
    September 11, 2008, @ 11:28 am at 11:28 am

    OH MY!! Damn NO Porn for you two!! So Sorry!! I’ll make a phone call for you ok??.. LOL As for as the computer’s your right that is what my husband does working on Computer’s…eeegg!! But, it’s a living huh? Well, Wavemaker2’s will be down prob. cause of the Hurricane Ike damn it.. But as soon as the power get’s back on, we will be back… Keep safe Blogger!! til l8er

    Wow, that blows…. pun intended… Sorry, I moved out of FL this year so I’m enjoying that I have no longer to worry through the entire hurricane season for the first year in 25… A buddy of mine from another online computer geek group had to evacuate New Orleans last week so I wish you the best… Be safe and watch out for the paranoid and drunken masses as you hit the highway!!… Let us know when your safe…

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