9/11… 7 years, alot has changed….

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Well this morning started off as usual, then once I had gotten everyone out the door on the way to their respective places in the world I turned to news….  I knew it was today, I just hadn’t planned on getting drawn into a ‘real time’ replay on MSNBC of the morning’s coverage from 9/11/01….

I was working in Orlando at the time, actually it was for a large international private airline company…  They specialized in flying around VIP’s and servicing their aircraft and such…  But I was in my office listening to Howard Stern, then one of the crew from his show came in the studio and said a plane had hit one of the towers…

The kicker is I knew right away in my gut it was a terrorist attack and I knew it was most likely Osama Bin Laden’s organization, I had actually discussed the stupidity of the way the attack on the twin towers was done in 1993 with a car bomb….  I had told a friend that intercontinental domestic flights full of fuel would be the way to go….  Then on THIS morning it happened….  My friend was actually one of the first people to call me cause it freaked him out that I was right, me too a bit…

I mean I don’t know if it’s because I’ve moved around so much in my life, but I’m just able to ‘step out’ and see things from other peoples perspective…  I believe it’s mostly about empathy, not in the ‘Star Trek’ sense I’m not psychic, I can just understand what people are feeling and thinking, or will, be thinking in the future based on previous behavior….   It’s kind of creepy to the people around me, I can tell what your thinking by the look on your face and your body language…

Someone once called me an ‘eideteker’, meaning I have a visually cued memory like people who are eidetic, which is absolutely true, but I hesitate to use that term as most people think a visual memory is like ‘photographic memory’….  I don’t remember specific images in exact detail, I remember patterns and that’s why I can ‘connect the dots’ and see where it’s going quickly…

It’s been an immense help when it comes to raising a son with Down Syndrome, I know what’s bothering him even when he can’t express it, so it’s got it’s bonuses too…  But mostly it creeps people out….  I’ve profiled serial killers based on newspaper and televised reports…  Usually, when they catch them, I find I’m roughly correct in at least 2/3rds of my assessment, sometimes more…  I don’t think that’s half bad considering I’m not seeing most of the case details…

So I heard it on Stern first (about the first plane) and went ahead and told everyone in the office, we all started listening and watching the news….  My wife has alot of family in New York City, her brother actually had an apartment not too far north in lower mid-town Manhattan, so my first thought was of him as he lived closer than anyone else I knew…  He didn’t regularly work in the district, but he did have occasion to be there…  We just hoped he wasn’t there that day and waited to hear back from anyone in the family that heard from him first…  Then several of my wife’s uncles work in the city as well so it was just a really shitty day…  Even after you found out everyone you knew was ok it really didn’t make it feel any better as you knew how much more pain was still ‘flying around’ out there…  Then shortly after the second plane hit the south tower, the company made the decision to close the office for the day and everyone went home…

It saddens me even more that the current administration has taken this tragedy and used it to chip away at the civil rights which are any citizen of this country’s birth right…  It saddens me the way they have used fear and intimidation to force people who disagreed with them to ‘change their tune’ or be dragged to the city square while being accused of ‘anti-patriotism’ the whole way…  I guess we should just be glad they didn’t want to ‘test’ them and make sure they weren’t witches by seeing if they ‘float’….

Part of being a patriot is having the courage to stand up to others, ESPECIALLY when those ‘others’ are using fear mongering and disinformation to rob EVERY American (and future generations of Americans) of the freedoms which we were guaranteed….

Now I know I’m a liberal, yeah SHOCKER right???…  But I’m also a Veteran, I just had the good fortune to have only had to TRAIN OBSESSIVELY for war and never face a deployment….   I trained for them, I was in a deployment ready combat unit, I took my chances I just lucked out…  If you call being discharged with an undiagnosed broken back (L4 vertebrae injury) and no disability pension lucky….

See even though I don’t always agree with the leadership chosen for this nation, I believe IN THIS NATION at least collectively…  I know that more than half of this country feels the way I do, it’s just too bad that I’m in the minority of that percentage in that I ALSO VOTE!!!!  See once you let them (them being politicians) vote away your rights, I can assure you they won’t be returning them “after the conflict is over”….  There is no end, ergo your rights will NEVER BE RETURNED once removed…

Everything has changed for me in 7 years, I have a new career, a new home, I’m in a new state and I’m working on my stand up…  I’m happier than I’ve ever been, but that’s due to my work and my wife’s work toward those goals, it had nothing to do with President Bush or his policies (or regarding domestic policies, LACK OF THEM)….

American citizens need to learn to be more vigilant and self protecting…  No one is ever going to be 100% safe, even with the current ‘my buddy’ governmental system which more resembles ‘big brother’ once you look past the surface….  You need to be more responsible for yourself and quit hoping for the ‘government’ to protect you, as that’s how they have been able to take advantage of the majority of you for the past 7 years…  By predicating your natural fears…

Remember the Victims of 9/11 NOT THE RHETORIC…  Remember that they all loved this country for what it made available to them before anything else….  Freedom.

  1. JaR
    September 11, 2008, @ 3:37 pm at 3:37 pm

    Well said brudda!

    Hey JaR, good to see you over here broda… Glad someone is reading it! Have a good one!

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