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Better bettors in a new millenium?… Thank you Fantasy Football…

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I tend to go to Vegas or Reno as it’s nearer, on occasion, as they’re a mecca of decadence and ‘proof in practice’ of the capitalist pig dog system into which I had the good fortune of being born.  I enjoy the rancor and noise as it’s usually going on in MY HEAD anyway so I like to see OTHERS experience it as a physical reality and try to concentrate as I have to on a daily basis.

Though I tend to spend most of my time at the Craps tables, where the smart bettor can make money no matter what way the dice are rolling, but occasionally I’ll go to the Blackjack table too.  In order to lick my wounds and make my money back after falling victim to being near a moron at the Craps table…  You’ve seen them, they shouldn’t be allowed on the floor, it’s like you feel the ice once a cooler rolls into the place.

I have however noticed an improvement when I decide to go to the sports book and bet some games.  Now sports betting is the ONE stupid thing I’ll do at a casino, and it’s ONLY on the NFL…  I never used to bet on it, sports betting is one of the worst odds bets in the world.  No matter how good the team all you need is for a moron like T.O., that’s Terrell Owens not Tom Osborne, to screw it up and blow all the odds off the board by dropping the ball!  I mean it’s like people totally forget that they pay people to just blow the spread, you don’t even have to lose the game, just don’t beat the spread.  Win by 6 instead of 7 or more and a LOT of people don’t win BUT the people who bet AGAINST the spread do.  Does no one remember the Boston College basketball scandals?  Poor Henry Hill, unless he’s on Howard Stern no one remembers him enough to want to whack him…

But the point is that thanks to Fantasy Football, when I do want to bet on football now it’s generally a much quicker experience.  It’s probably helped to save the sports books in Nevada, not just Fantasy Football but Baseball, NHL and even NASCAR.  They all have fantasy leagues, which leads to people knowing alot more about a particular sport just on a general knowledge basis.  It’s just a fact.  Your researching for your free leagues, I know I do it too.  The fact remains however that humans like to put knowledge to USE.  It’s in our ‘nature’ to want to apply that knowledge to good and productive effort.  Beating someone else out of some green seems a natural and healthy way to do so while not just sitting for hours on end in a casino.  See you can bet on sports in the morning before the odds change then go out with the kids to one of the MANY fine places to take the kids in the new “family friendly” Las Vegas…  Yeah, that was a poorly conceived ad campaign.  Vegas is no fun for kids, it’s really not alot of fun for short people in general.  My spouse is well lets just say she’s not tall, ALOT not tall, she’s as short as a woman can be and still get into the U.S. Army…  But it makes me, as an ‘average height’ American male, feel incredibly HUGE.  So that’s what’s important here.

So go to Vegas America, this next Great Depression we’re seeing on the horizon can be stopped from out there in the desert.  All you need is a BIG wad of stinky green cash, a bunch of weed, several cases of poppers, some good mescaline and crushed up ‘No-Doze’ to snort when the Coke runs out, cause ALL THE BOOZE IS FREE WHILE YOUR GAMBLING (this INCLUDES Wild Turkey Rare Breed)!!!

It’s where W plans to put up his Presidential Library as soon as he falls off the wagon.  At least this will be a retirement to see, the public reversion to the slime from whence he came, it’s a good thing Sinatra is dead.  Word on the street is George W. owed him 50K from a night of binging in the old Flamingo back in the late 70’s.  Frank Sr. woulda whacked him and there is nothing 41 coulda done about it.  Cause it’s ‘old school’.

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