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4 more years of ‘GOP’ politics are not needed here….

September 24, 2008, @ 10:19 am Leave a comment Go to comments

Don’t worry about the economy folks…  W. is planning to talk to us all soon to ‘allay’ our fears… I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW!!!

Here is a man that is so stupid he led a national economy that was at a SURPLUS (for those of you who don’t realize it that means the government had MORE THAN THEY WERE SPENDING!!!) and turned it into one of the largest DEFICITS (for those same folks, this is a BAD THING!!!) this nation has ever seen…  And it’s not like he did it by himself, he’s too stupid, every business he ever ran he literally RAN INTO THE GROUND and bankrupted it, but he previously did it MUCH QUICKER!!!…  Again, because he’s STUPID…   He can’t pronounce nuclear correctly, well ok he can’t pronounce MANY, MANY words correctly, but that just gives further credence to my argument…

He didn’t do it alone, in that, the GOP is pulling the strings on our current puppet…  Now they want to rush through $700 Billion worth of ’emergency funding’, that’s billion with a B, BEFORE the next president is elected…  This is a ‘hurry up’ scam, YOU CAN’T WAIT, you have to ACT FAST before the chance goes away!!!…  We are bailing out BUSINESSES that are poorly managed by allowing the people who bankrupted them to CONTINUE TO RUN THEM while we pay the bill!!!

And to TOP IT OFF, you will still have to pay those SAME businesses any money OWED TO THEM…  Correct me if I’m wrong but this would mean they are being paid TWICE by the average American citizen….  How is this NOT getting anally raped???…  I just want to know the distinction so I can tell the officer when he’s filling out the report while they do the rape kit on my ass….

Where is the bail out for the American public???…  Why don’t we have the government mandating a 50% reduction in ALL DEBT across the board for ALL the American CITIZENS!!!…  Everything too, not just home loans but credit cards, auto loans, signature loans, check cashing loans….  Then they can pay back those loan companies with ‘tax write offs’ for the value of all those forgiven loans???…..

That way EVERYONE can have something done that will personally effect them and allow them to realize that their government actually gives a damn about them!!!!

This will never happen of course, the people who are making double the money off you would never allow it….  They are the GOP and they LOVE YOU….  At least they LOVE the fact that they can RAPE you and you NEVER ONCE CALLED THE COPS ON THEM!!!…  In fact many of you loved it so much you RE-ELECTED them….

And now many of you are considering allowing the ASS RAPE to continue by voting for McCain and Palin….  An abusive father could never be as proud as the GOP is of you folks who are considering voting this way, takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’….  But it’s ok right, cause the GOP REALLY loves you and it didn’t mean it, it just had ‘too much to drink’ last night and it’s having a tough time at work right now…

You see ‘my way’ would have all that money go to the people, ‘their way’ has all that money go to BIG BUSINESS not once, but TWICE….

Yeah, vote the McCain/Palin ticket….   Morons…

  1. September 24, 2008, @ 4:55 pm at 4:55 pm

    All new money printed after this “bailout” will contain the words, BEND OVER AMERICA!

  2. wavemaker2
    September 25, 2008, @ 7:49 am at 7:49 am

    ROFL.. OOOOHHHHHH!!! MMMYYY!! til l8er

  3. October 2, 2008, @ 11:07 am at 11:07 am

    The power of the corporate media propagandists never ceases to amaze me. The MSM disinfo arms have interlocking directorship with the bankster thugs. Unfortunately, most Americans have pledged allegiance to their favorite duopoly party and gleefully inhale the poison gas from their blowhard proponents (psuedo-journalists, talking heads, etc.)

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