Back in the chain gang….

January 28, 2009, @ 8:33 pm Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m not normally one to quote ‘The Pretenders’ but I’ve been working alot lately….

Plus I woulda put in a clip there to youtube normally for the song but thanks to the penis wrinkles at WMG it’s not there as it’s been pulled pending a ‘cease and decist’ order….  Guess they want us all to pay $1.99 for it on iTunes…..

So the holidays went well for me, how bout you????  Got thru the family visits and the annual Chrismakkah ritual as we’re a ‘mixed’ household.   Glad to see our new President is walking it the same as he talked it!!!  Gotta say I’m happy he’s doing exactly as he said he would and getting us out of all the international mess the ‘dim bulb’ we previously had had gotten us into.

As I said I’ve been working a great deal on my day job and putting in a great deal of overtime and work for a project I was brought in to work on, it’s all worked out pretty well actually.  We’re past the ‘hump’ now and the hours are becoming a bit more humane.

So I’ve been feeling this ‘itch’ lately, as I’m no longer dead on arrival after work.  I need to start writing again and getting back out there on the nights I have a chance.  Doing the open mikes is really fun for me and it’s just plain theraputic….  Too many thoughts rattling around the cage so it’s making it hard to concentrate.

Sorry for the long break out there but I’m going to be a bit more productive on this side in the next couple months working up new stuff.

Hope you all enjoy.


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