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The best days start at 5am…

February 4, 2009, @ 10:38 am Leave a comment Go to comments

I really love my gig, but it’s more than a little annoying when your told to come in to work for a system wide inspection and be there at 6am for the testing to begin and then given bum information from the start…..

“I’m here to lead the 6am testing group through the facility” says me.

“Oh, well all the testers were told to go and come back at 9am” says the unknown meeting leader who just finished the morning report in front of the group…

“Oh” says I, “well they’ll have trouble inspecting the O.R. if they try after 8am cause that’s when all the surgery starts”…

So I give him my contact info and head back to the office to enjoy the coffee I had to leave up there anyway cause of the stupid meeting…

2.5 hours later I am told there was a ‘mis-communication’ and they are already testing in another area so I need to get down there…

So to those of you who are vets out there, just know this, you WILL find a home in the civilian workforce….

Who cares, they paid me for 3 hours for doing basically nothing…

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