Enhance your calm…

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I must now repeat this phrase in my head for the next 9 business days…

I just found out the moron who I’ve been carrying on this project for the last 6 months is going to be ‘retained’ (because he’s willing to take a pay cut) while I will be leaving (because I refuse to take a pay cut)…

This is a guy who while on our project ‘together’ did at most 20% to 25% of the workload, took 2 to 3 hour lunches, refused to follow instructions, cannot retain information unless it is tattooed on his forehead backwards and a mirror is in hand, showed up late 95% of his shifts (while making sure to leave ‘right on time’) in addition to scamming the company out of overtime pay by fabricating his time on site from the ether, and is constantly waving the ‘family issues’ banner (poor little him)…

Guess who did the other 75% to 80%… Showed up on time everyday… Did the job to the letter… Worked all the overtime he charged and probably even ‘gifted’ the company some time cause he didn’t want to bother to figure out the percentage of 5 minutes in an hour… Took on additional responsibilities…  Has a son with Down Syndrome amongst his brood and was still at work everyday ontime and rarely missed a shift…

The results of the project: According to the company I am currently working for (national company mind you) and their own little ‘flag waving aren’t we great’ e-mail blasts they send to everyone in the nation.  “We” (I) set the standard nation wide, when we went live (meaning all our work was being used ‘in production’) there were less than 1% of the issues reported that were the result of  ‘our groups’ work.  Meaning the moron they had me working with let something slip by that I was unable to catch like I did most of the other times he screwed up!

Why won’t I take a pay cut? Let’s see… I set the STANDARD NATION F’ING WIDE!!…  I gave a substantial break on my hourly rate when I took the gig originally because it was close to my home and it was to be a temp to perm gig…  Then when I was told the job was NOT going to become a perm position (5 months into my “3 month temp to perm” contract) and I was required to drive triple the mileage for the next 6 months if I wanted to remain here I negotiated a raise to compensate for the additional cost which was agreed upon and a contract signed…  Two weeks later I was told I would not be getting the ‘contractually agreed upon’ increase and additionally I would be required to take a 7.5% decrease in pay to retain my position…

Oh and most importantly… I DON’T HAVE TOO!!!

I refused to take the cut in pay (again mind you, I gave them a substantial rate break in the beginning remember) .

Yeah, businesses and the technology industry deserve what they get when they treat the people who truly care about their jobs in this manner and keep the congenitally moronic and lazy.

  1. May 4, 2009, @ 5:30 pm at 5:30 pm

    Well, shoot. Screw ’em then. Thankfully you’re in a position to be able to say that and still pay the rent. And while that doesn’t make the whole thing better, it is its own good feeling. 🙂

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