Doin’ the neutron dance….

August 31, 2009, @ 11:28 am Leave a comment Go to comments

What the hell is going on in Oakland???…  A guy on Sunday in a big rig gets pulled over, comes out with a shotgun, shoots the cop and gets back in and starts a high speed chase in his truck???…

That’s no joke, they’ll take away his CDL license for that…    he can loose his job….

Some people go to driving school for WEEKS to get that CDL…  they see that commercial on T.V…..    at 3:15am when their hands deep in that bag of Cheetos, take out a loan the whole bit…   Makes you feel lots safer out there on the highways now doesn’t it…

It just makes me curious, how did he really think he was going to get away???…  It’s not like he was gonna get past a corner and blend in with traffic…  Maybe he saw Beverly Hills Cop over the weekend on TBS and got ‘inspired’…   But there’s holes in that plan, even Eddie Murphy didn’t get away at the end of that chase scene so….   If Eddie couldn’t do it, really, where does this guy get off…  I mean he even had writers and everything…

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