There are certain laws…

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(…probably to follow ‘Altered States Street…‘…)

There are other “laws” of the universe that kid’s shows just flat out disregard!!!…

That’s frustrating to a guy like me…  There are laws of physics folks!…  and the sooner these kids start learning about them the better!…

So let’s just take a critical look for a second here at Mr. Sponge Bob Square Pants…  If that’s your real name…

I’m watching this the other day and Bob and Squidward were having one of their usual social discourses regarding the break down in the moral “fiber” of society in general…

So at one point Squidward squirts Sponge Bob and he being a sponge starts to get all puffed up…

Now does anyone see the problem here???…  Let’s think back to the damned theme song folks….  “Who lives in a Pineapple UNDER THE SEA?!?!?!”….  “Absorbent and Yellow and Porous is he…”  Now there’s no need to go any further…

First off that second line is grammatically incorrect…    It SHOULD be: “Absorbent, COMMA, Yellow AND Porous is he…”  You just don’t use the word AND like that folks…  that’s not right…  you need to teach kids to speak correctly…

But my real point is he LIVES UNDER the sea…  Why in the hell when Squidward squirts him with ANYTHING would he absorb anymore?!?!?  He’s a SPONGE LIVING UNDER THE SEA!!!  HE’S ALREADY SATURATED!!!

That’s one of the Laws of Fluid Dynamics folks, I’m not making this stuff up up here…  He can’t absorb anything else…

  1. salamande
    July 12, 2010, @ 4:14 pm at 4:14 pm

    Wow man keep it up


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