Busted by the Lord…

January 11, 2010, @ 11:02 am Leave a comment Go to comments

Once when I was 6 or 7 and at my Grandfather’s Vacation Bible School…  yeah, vacation… WHEEE, some kids get Disneyland I got snake handling and speaking in tongues….

There was this guy who was about 35 that I guess was supposed to be a ‘youth pastor’ or something….  he’d walk around during the recess period in a little kids sheriff outfit with the straw hat,… the little belt with the cap gun and the little plastic handcuffs… the whole bit…  one day I got busted for some reason… I don’t recall what it was… he probably overheard me telling some other kid that god was a construct of the human races collective unconscious guilt complex…

So he handcuffed me to a flag pole with my hands around the pole!!!…  And walks away!!!…..  It’s funny because in today’s world…..   if someone drove down the street and saw a kid….  handcuffed….   to a flag pole…… they would either report it to child services!!!…  Or they’d think it was a free kid to abduct…. either way nothing good would come of that situation today…

It would be reported is all I’m saying…  unless it was a Catholic Church of course…  cause they have a LOT of flagpoles inside apparently…

Another funny point to this story is the guy forgot I was chained there…  so I was out there like an hour before I just broke the stupid things… they were plastic after all…  so of course when the guy told Gramps I got the switch….

Memories…. they really are precious, precious portals through time aren’t they…

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