Bad Ass Weed…

April 15, 2010, @ 11:26 am Leave a comment Go to comments

I love it when people ask me if I’ve ever smoked some “Bad Ass Weed, Man” or “What’s the most Bad Ass Weed you’ve ever smoked”…

I always tell them I’ve never smoked ANY ASS weed….  Never mind the whole was it ‘good’ or ‘bad’ question…  Personally, I’d think it just being up someones ass would take it off my possible purchases list…

But some people have lower standards I guess…  Gotta take what you can get…  But I’d advise spending the additional $5 dollars…  Cause I would imagine that $5 would take you right up out of the Ass Weed category…

Maybe get you some weed that’s at least been in a vagina or something…  just a little nicer…

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