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Kickboxing for Koalas…

July 15, 2010, @ 11:43 am Leave a comment Go to comments

If someone with vision were to take the initiative and just teach Kickboxing to Koalas they wouldn’t be on the brink of extinction…

There are so few people with vision left, they need your support

Many people think that it’s safe to say the Koalas don’t understand why their numbers are dwindling,  so what good would it do to teach them Kickboxing anyway?…

But they know! Why do you think they’re such compulsive over eaters?  They’re eating their worry/pain/angst!…

Plus Koalas have a shitty front kick and foot sweep so their really pretty vulnerable there,…   No really, you just have to step back and they practically fall right over…  You can just ‘tap’ them.

(thinking pain or angst are funnier)

  1. July 15, 2010, @ 4:07 pm at 4:07 pm

    lol…I don’t know that their kick is that shitty. I think it’s just in slow-mo!

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