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May 2, 2011, @ 9:43 am Leave a comment Go to comments

So apparently Osama Bin Laden was shot, but he was dead to me 10 years ago.

Hmm, US Navy Seals kill Osama & my daughters Kindle ships… Coincidence?

Hey has anyone heard from @OsamaBinLaden this evening? His twitter feed has been quiet since this afternoon.

If Osama had been killed during a GOP Administration his corpse would already be @ a taxidermist being prepped for the 2012 campaign.

So Osama is dead! That means gas prices start to drop & we get all our civil rights back tomorrow morning right?

Just out of curiosity, exactly which unwarranted wire tap in the continental US led to Osama’s hiding place in Pakistan?

The fact that Osama was killed within 2 miles of a Radio Shack really says a lot about their liberal return policy.

Right now, 72 Dungeon Masters are beating the shit out of Osama Bin Laden in Jannah (Muslim Heaven).

My favorite part about the Osama death coverage in the US is that the Girls Gone Wild crew is also filming in the same crowds.

Osama has been buried at sea because the US Govt is hoping more Muslims will make the pilgrimage down 2 nautical miles voluntarily.

Osama’s family is despondent this morning over their decision to try & get him help by inviting the show Hoarders to the compound.

The Gov’t won’t tell you what technology Obama was using to track the Osama Bin Laden mission, but I can tell you there’s an app for that.

Cheney is claiming the Osama death coverage is all a lie, says he shot Osama in the face on a hunting trip back in ’06.

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