We Are Moving

December 7, 2011, @ 5:04 am Leave a comment Go to comments

We are moving my friends! Those of you who have subscribed to e-mail should get a notification automatically so we certainly hope you’ll follow all our new incarnations.

Don’t Quit Your Daycast is where you’ll be able to find us from this day forth.

We’ll be doing a new podcast from that site and you can subscribe via RSS feed. I’ve also begun the process of getting the show on iTunes so you’ll (hopefully) be able to subscribe to it there soon if you prefer.

This is another step in my process of learning stand up & continuing with my writing. This blog has been fun & it’s done what I wanted it to do, which was to help me learn to write comedy well. I’ve been told on several occasions that the writings good. Which is nice but I get the nagging feeling that now we need to concentrate on performance is the subtext between the lines of those comments. Which is also cool! We’ve gotta move forward or we become something else’s food source.

Remember, in addition to our new podcasting & blog site, you can also follow more stuff on Twitter @EdWallick. The pods Twitter feed @DontQuitYourDay (the Cast wouldn’t fit, you must acquit. Yeah I said it.) & we’ll always follow you back.

Thanks for reading now come on over, take off your shoes, put up your feet, take a drink (or whatever if your in Cali) & then listen and laugh for a change.



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